Printing Materials

Our ORACAL® range of graphic printing films is a preferred choice worldwide by signs and graphics producers. And for all good reasons. ORAFOL offers printing films in a wide range of types. This means that regardless of the method you employ for printing graphics, you will find a material in our range to suit your needs. Glossy, matt and transparent options are available not only for short, medium and long term applications, but also with a range of different adhesives, ensuring optimal bonding properties to the selected substrate. Where the material is intended for short term use only, easy removal without any residue is one of the key features offered. For applications where the material is intended for long term use, we offer the combination between high performance PVC and excellent permanent adhesives for long lasting applications.

For special environmental concern, the ORACAL® ECO Print line offers a great alternative to PVC films for use in screen and offset printing. However, the ORAFOL range also includes several other phthalate free product options (tested against the European directive 2005/84/EC, which are ideal for use in e.g. the toy industry).

The ORAFOL printing materials range also includes reflective, fluorescent as well as other special properties films.