Wrapping Training - Report

16 May 2012

Two days of Car Wrapping Training at ORAFOL Europe GmbH are now over. To mark this occasion, the new generation of ORACAL 970 Premium Wrapping Cast and ORACAL 975 Premium Structure Cast was introduced for the first time in various new colors and designs.

But not only that. All the participants agree on one thing: This new quality marks a milestone in product development! Comments from the participants ranged anything from “amazingly easy to work with” to “the quality is brought to the point”. Mr. Manfred Hunold, who led this Car Wrapping Training again, was also full of praise for these products. “ORAFOL adapts itself accurately and short-term to meet the requirements for material quality. It is an absolute pleasure to work with this material.”

Another seminar for German-speaking visitors is scheduled for September 4, 2012 and for international guests for September 5, 2012.

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