ORAJET® 3967AC Aircraft Graphic Film

20 May 2014

New graphics film by ORAFOL reaches for the sky –
Endless new and creative possibilities for aircraft decorations

827 million passengers travelled by air in the EU region in 2012 (source: Eurostat). Worldwide the number is increasing every year, and the rising trend is here to stay. Needless to say, the competition amongst the airline companies is fierce, and brand recognition and awareness is a crucial factor to stay in business. A main visual branding tool is the exterior designs of the aircrafts; both the standard brand decor as well as making the planes great looking with creative temporary designs in connection to special promotions or having the designs updated to fit seasonal celebrations.

The new aircraft deco solution introduced by ORAFOL includes the digital printing vinyl ORAJET® 3967AC Aircraft Graphic Film matched up with the special lamination film ORAGUARD® 293AC. Both films come with a perforated structure, to enable an easy and bubble-free installation of large sized decals on the aircraft. Being a PVC based film, ORAJET® 3967AC Aircraft Graphic Film comes with very good printing properties as well being very conformable in application. With the lamination film ORAGUARD® 293AC retention of the gloss is ensured in a far more effective way than with a clear coating, and formation of cracks in the surface is prevented.

ORAJET® 3967AC Aircraft Graphic Film with ORAGUARD® 293AC - the ideal solution for branding and promotion for display at the gate as well as in the air.

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