ORAJET® 3352F Optically Clear Film

20 May 2014

A Window of Opportunity

It’s hard to imagine a retailer’s display window without some sort of graphics applied onto the pane, either for decorative or informational purposes – or a combination of both. Window graphics are in fashion, and today it’s a communication tool for the stores which is totally integrated into their daily marketing mix, as well as a favourite component for interior decorators working on all types of projects ranging from office designs to private homes.

With the new ORAJET® 3352F Optically Clear Film from ORAFOL, installation of the window graphics has never been easier. This new optically clear film can be inkjet printed, and the printed window graphics are then installed in full sheets making installation faster and easier than ever. In the areas on the film where there is no print, the ORAJET® 3352F film is so clear that it is hard to even notice the film.

With ORAJET® 3352F Optically Clear Film you open up a new window of opportunity!


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