ORACAL Trading: First company to receive ORAFOL Premier Distributor status for Russia

05 Aug 2013

On 6th July 2013 St. Petersburg based ORACAL Trading celebrated their 20th years in business. The company is a long standing successful partner of ORAFOL Europe GmbH, and during the celebration they were presented with the prestigious title of ORAFOL Premier Distributor for Graphic Products in Russia. ORACAL Trading is the first Russian company to receive this title from ORAFOL Europe GmbH.

“We are very proud to award ORACAL Trading the title of ORAFOL Premier Distributor for Graphic Products in Russia,” says Evelyn Zocher, Sales and Marketing Director for the Graphic Products division of ORAFOL. “Since 2000, ORACAL Trading has successfully distributed and promoted our range to the Russian market. From their St. Petersburg head office as well as from their many branches throughout Russia they offer an outstanding service to the Russian market for both graphic products and reflective materials from ORAFOL. It is largely because of the great work done by ORACAL Trading over the past 13 years, that the ORAFOL company is today so strong there. The ORACAL name is today synonymous with self-adhesive vinyls in Russia,” she concludes.  

For more information:  www.oracal-trading.ru

Sergey Chernyshev (ORACAL Trading), Wolfgang Sukale (ORAFOL Europe GmbH), Elena Kasyan (ORACAL Trading), and Evelyn Zocher (ORAFOL Europe GmbH)

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