ORACAL® 970 Premium Special Effect Cast: Car wrapping with a unique golden shimmer effect

02 Jan 2017

ORAFOL is launching yet another range of unique car wrapping films.

The new films are introduced under the general brand: ORACAL® 970 Premium Special Effect Cast, and initially in two exceptional and unique colours.

The Sunset Shift colour is a deep red orange colour with a shimmer effect in gold. The base film is a shift effect film, meaning that depending on the angle from which you view the car, it will in some angles look dark red and in other angles bright orange.

The Black Galactic Gold is a deep black vinyl with a gold shimmer effect, making it look almost like a dark and starry night.

“We are very excited to introduce this new line of special films for the car wrapping market. Films like these will give any car a very unique look; a look that simply cannot be replicated by paint. The films were introduced to the American market recently at the SEMA show, as well as featured on one of the leading car restyling TV shows there, and ORAFOL once again creates its own footprint in this market sector”, says Evelyn Zocher, Sales and Marketing Director of ORAFOL’s Graphic Products Division.

The new Premium Special Effect films are available as both gloss and matt, as well as in both a standard version and a RapidAir® version.


The new ORACAL® 970 Premium Special Effect Cast – for unique car wrapping

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