20 May 2014

New film available for digitally printed ”glow in the dark” signs

For safety markings in potentially dark areas, photoluminescent “glow in the dark” signs are vital. The materials used to produce these signs have the ability to absorb light and re-emit this in dark conditions, making them ideal for warning signs in areas occationally unlit – indoors as well as outside.

The new ORAJET® 3930 is unique in its class, as it can be inkjet printed. Traditionally these materials have been suitable only for screen printing, and this feature makes the new ORAJET® 3930 far more flexible in use when it comes manufacturing informational signs where smaller quantities of each sign type is required.   

Furthermore, the ORAJET® 3930 is suitable also for outdoor applications. Laminated with ORAGUARD® 293 the material will withstand outdoor conditions, and be a perfect choice for markings of any outdoor danger spots; examples could be emergency exits from parking lots, sports stadiums, ships etc.

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