Exciting news for the Car Wrapping Industry!

14 Nov 2012

Lagoon, Bronze Antique or Violet Metallic?
If you were one of the people thinking that the colour range for the ORACAL® 970 Premium Wrapping Cast in the past was good, but could need just that extra shade of brown, then we have good news for you. We recently almost tripled the number of colours for this popular wrapping cast, and we are now happy to offer no less than 96 standard colours! The range includes also many metallic as well as matt options. Our R&D department has successfully worked on optimising the material, whilst maintaining the outstanding dimensional stability and top-quality application characteristics; all of which have made this product a clear favourite amongst professional applicators for years. The material is easy to reposition, and gives a perfect adhesion also to uneven and corrugated surfaces as well as in rivets. If your application is specifically for large-sized even surfaces, we recommend the ‘Rapid Air’ option: ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast, which enables easy and rapid application without air inclusion. Contact us for more information.

Why not apply some exciting surface structure in your next car design to obtain a completely unique look? With the new with ORACAL® 975 Premium Structure Cast there is nothing stopping you! Design single components or full wrap of your car in one of the 7 new structures: Honeycomb, Crocodile, Dune, Cocoon, Emulsion, Brushed or Carbon in 28 great colours. Can be applied to car mirrors, bonnets, side skirts and even interior car decorations, motorbikes, or what about laptops, ipads or mobile phones? Possibilities are almost endless, and your imagination is the limit. ORACAL® 975 Premium Structure Cast is ideal for extreme applications. It comes with excellent adaptability in application, and is available in a standard width of 1520mm. Contact us for more information.

Invisible – yet making a visible difference

With ORAGUARD® 270, 280 or 283 you can add surface protection to the components of your car which are especially at risk when it comes to getting scratches and surface damages; e.g. wings, doors, side skirts and boot sills.  These stone guard films are transparent, glossy and practically invisible once applied, meaning that your car will look precisely the same as before – only protected. At the same time as they protect the surface from mechanical damages, they also add a high UV resistance, and come with a durability of up to 7 years. Contact us for more information.

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