Laminating & Mounting Films

To protect your prints, ORAFOL offers a full range of laminating materials, specifically developed as a perfect match to the ORAFOL base films. Lamination is the bonding of a thin transparent film to any visual material. By doing so, you protect your print from wear and tear, as well as effectively slow down the natural aging of your print as the laminating films offer UV inhibitors.

The ORAGUARD® lamination films are offered in a range of surfaces. A matt surface can be the ideal choice where small text conditions are important, as the surface is not reflecting any light and therefore makes text easy to read. Applications could include posters and trade show images where spotlights will be focused directly onto the image and reflection should be avoided. A gloss surface is ideal for e.g. photographic images, as it vividly brings out the colours in any photo or design. Whatever your needs are. ORAFOL will have the right lamination film for it.

The ORAGUARD® range also includes special Stone Guard films, to help protect your vehicles’ paint finish from the harsh conditions of daily use. By having a transparent protective film applied to the sensitive areas, you can protect the paint from stones, sand and road debris. The ideal solution for cars, trucks, caravans, boats, and the like.

For floor graphics our unique over-laminating films come with a specially developed anti-slip surface. This ensures not only a full protection of your floor designs, direction signs on indoor walk ways or even heavy transport ways, but helps also to reduce the risk of slipping.

For mounting solutions of your prints, we also offer a vast range of options from our ORABOND® and ORAMOUNT® ranges. These materials have been specifically designed for the Graphics & Signage industries where we have developed a full range of recommended double sided adhesive tapes to ensure perfect bonding of your signs, name plates, posters or wall decorations. Contact our expert team to find the best solution for your application