Glass Decoration

In the past it was a very costly and difficult process to get special designs onto glass surfaces. Technology has come a long way since then, and with ORAFOL's Glass Decor film grades you can easily create special effects. These can range from a frosted look, through to creating an impression of etched, cut or sandblasted glass. You can even have a hoar frost effect on your glass surfaces. The applications are countless - glass doors, shop windows, room dividers, glass walls in meeting rooms, corridors and airport lounges. We even have applications for window covering for privacy purposes e.g. in banks, or for security purposes, e.g. on airport windows facing runways, laboratory windows or hospital windows and partitions. Whatever the application, our range will include a film to match your needs.

Available for indoor as well as outdoor applications, the decorations can be simple with just a few horizontal stripes, or incorporate patterns, logos or shapes which then become an integral part of the overall building environment.

The materials come with an outstanding durability both for indoor and outdoor use, and they are designed for easy processing on cutting plotters. The range include several colours.