Digital Printing Materials

ORAFOL is your full range supplier of digital printing materials. Regardless of your application, you are sure to find a product from our range that will match your requirements. Leading brands within our portfolio of digital printing materials include ORAJET® and ORACAL®, and the range is complimented by also the equivalent laminating and mounting films. When using ORAFOL films, you can rely on the fact that ink adhesion, bonding properties, image quality and performance of your end product will be as desired. The ORAFOL quality is one you can trust. Production of our digital printing materials follows our strict quality system, and the materials are manufactured on the latest most advanced manufacturing equipment in the market place.

The ORAFOL range consists of a vast number of different product solutions, whether you need material for inkjet printing with solvent or water based inks, latex inks, UV printing or thermo transfer printing. For all printing methods and for application onto practically all types of surfaces, we offer a variety of films for both indoor and outdoor signage, whether permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications. Select from a variety of material types and properties including glossy, matt, reflective films and more. Special materials are available also with high tack adhesive for extreme conditions, as well as special adhesives for application in low temperatures.

In addition, selected ORAFOL materials specifically developed for large-sized application are offered also with our RapidAir® technology. This includes e.g. the popular ORAJET® films 3951RA, 3551RA and 3165RA, as well as our new product introductions ORAJET® 3162XRA and ORAJET® 3164XRA. The RapidAir® materials enables easy and quick application without air inclusion. Any air bubbles can easily be removed with a squeegee, simply by rubbing out the bubbles towards the edge of the material.