Car Wrapping

ORAFOL offers a full range of car wrapping films - for advertising, brand enhancement, personal expression or simply protection of your car varnish. Applications also include buses, trains, motorbikes and boats. It is the ideal way to build awareness for your company, your product or your advertising campaign, or simply to add your own personal touch to the design.

It is no surprise that ORAFOL car wrapping films appear in the no.1 spot on the list of applicators' favourite films to work with. The ORAFOL materials are outstanding when it comes to outdoor durability, conformability, variety of colours and being easy to work with. During the wrapping process they can be repositioned and are therefore easy to apply even to contours and over rivets, and easily removable as well when the time comes to make way for new designs. To make the wrapping process even easier without the risk of trapped air bubbles use our Rapid Air films.

A wide variety of colours, finishes and product properties means your imagination is the only limit. You can select from hundreds of exciting colours and even speciality embossed products for unique looks, e.g. the special carbon fibre look. The ORAFOL car wrapping film range is supplemented also by clear films to protect original OEM paint or original graphic creations.

The product range includes options for whatever application need you may have in this field:

  • Complete range for car livery
  • Films for decorations, letters and symbols
  • Solid product options for uneven and corrugated surfaces as well as rivets and corrugations
  • Extra-rapid application for large format applications without the risk of air bubbles getting trapped (RapidAir® Technology)
  • Car window advertising with see-through effect
  • Fluorescent option for extra daytime visibility, e.g. for ambulances, police cars, fire vehicles
  • Special structures available for car interior or design of special parts
  • Protection of sensitive surfaces with Stone Guard films

Product Benefits:

  • Long, medium or short-term durability options available
  • Material can be easily repositioned for ease of application
  • Extreme conformability
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easily removable
  • Various printing options
  • Special high-tack adhesive available for difficult surfaces
  • Special adhesive available for low-temperature application

The ORAFOL experts in this field offer application seminars several times every year. Contact us for details of the next event.