Application Tapes

No matter how great the graphics look when cut or printed, application is the final critical step in creating the highest quality and best performing finished images. When you've chosen the best materials for your graphic projects, you want to be sure that the application process goes smoothly.

We have designed our own line of ORATAPE® application tapes to work seamlessly with the ORAFOL graphic products for ease of application. Regardless of material processing, application method, application conditions, substrate properties, or duration of use, our complete line of application tapes provide the perfect solution for final application of your finished graphic project, e.g. decoration, letters, symbols.

ORAFOL provides application tapes with different levels of adhesion and offer options with high tack, medium tack and low tack allowing users to choose the most suitable product. We have developed and produced this range of application tapes which are designed to work in perfect harmony with our ORACAL® plotter films. This component matching of ORACAL® and ORATAPE® demonstrates the difference in product co-ordination and for our customers, avoids the difficult decisions which arise when using non-matched films and tapes from different manufacturers.

Our team of experts can help you identify the best application tape based on your chosen ORACAL® materials and match your needs for tensile strength, dimensional stability, re-use, wet or dry application and more.