ORABOND® 1375S Transfer Tape


Transfer Tape

Applications For the production of metal, polycarbonate and other plastic facias, nameplates and decals; used for lamination of membrane switch assemblies and other electronic component mounting in mobile telephones and for other applications that require an extremely high shear strength and temperature resistance;
UL 969 listed.
Thickness Without Liner 2.5 mil
Adhesive A7 (pure acrylic)
Carrier without
Release Liner 61# (4.4 mil) PE paper, brown
Adhesive 180° Peel (FINAT TM 1) After 20 min: 66 oz/in
After 24 hr: 73 oz/in
Shear Strength
(22 lb/in)
> 1000 hr at 73°F
> 72 hr at 158°F
Temperature Resistance (°F) -40 to +338
Available Sizes
(in inches)
36 x 24
24 x 18 (special order only)
18 x 12 (special order only)