New Cleaning & Care products for ORAFOL® Wrapping Films

04 Mar 2014

Care Products

ORAFOL Americas Inc. is pleased to announce new cleaning and care products for ORAFOL® car wrapping films. The products consist of one pre-wrap surface cleaner and two post-wrap cleaning and care kits specifically designed for gloss and matte vinyl films.

ORACAL® Pre-Wrap Surface Cleaner - special surface cleanser to be used prior to application of self-adhesive vinyl films that degreases and removes cleaning agent residue. Available in 1000 mL bottles (33.81 oz) sold in quantities of 8 bottles per case.

ORACAL® Cleaning and Care Kits - both kits are specially formulated for the surface treatment and care of ORAFOL® car wrapping films and leave a water-repellant, antistatic surface. Each kit is specifically designed for gloss or matte car wrapping films.

    Both kits contain the following:
  • Shampoo - 500mL bottle (16.91 oz)
  • (1) Intensive Cleaner - 500mL bottle (16.91 oz)
  • (1) Fast Care Agent - 500mL bottle (16.91 oz)
  • (1) Long-Lasting Seal - 500mL bottle (16.91 oz)
  • (2) Special Wrapping Film Cleaning Sponges

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