New ORACAL® 641 Economy Cal Matte Colors

14 Sep 2017

ORAFOL Americas Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of 21 new ORACAL® 641 Economy Cal colors in a matte finish.

ORACAL 641 matte

Series 641, traditionally a high-gloss only calendered film, is a cost-effective alternative for short and medium-term applications. It features a clear, water-based, permanent adhesive, with one of the lowest shrinkage rates among economy films.

The new matte finish in ORACAL® 641 is offered in 21 of the most popular graphic film colors available. The matte surface of this film is perfect for suppressing unwanted reflections on indoor directional signage, POP displays, window graphics and short-term outdoor general signage. It is not recommended for vehicle applications.

ORACAL® 641 new matte colors:

000M matte transparent 000M matte transparent 049M matte king blue 049M matte king blue 073M matte dark grey 073M matte dark grey
010M matte white 010M matte white 050M matte dark blue 050M matte dark blue 080M matte brown 080M matte brown
021M matte yellow 021M matte yellow 054M matte turquoise 054M matte turquoise 086M matte brilliant blue 086M matte brilliant blue
031M matte red 031M matte red 055M matte mint 055M matte mint 090M matte silver grey metallic 090M matte silver grey metallic
034M matte orange 034M matte orange 063M matte lime-tree green 063M matte lime-tree green 091M matte gold metallic 091M matte gold metallic
040M matte violet 040M matte violet 070M matte black 070M matte black 312M matte burgundy 312M matte burgundy
041M matte pink 041M matte pink 071M matte grey 071M matte grey 429M matte carnation pink 429M matte carnation pink

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