NEW ORACAL® Diffuser Films

05 Aug 2016

New ORACAL diffuser films

ORAFOL Americas Inc. is pleased to announce two new diffuser films to improve distribution of light in illuminated signs; ORACAL® 8830 and 8860 Diffuser Premium Cast.

ORACAL 8830 and 8860 Diffuser Premium Cast are both translucent, white, matte, cast PVC films. Both films will provide uniform light distribution to eliminate hot spots that often occur in illuminated signage. These diffuser films are specially designed for production of high quality internally illuminated signs and can also be used on backlit acrylic glass, glass and flexible-face material.

The main difference between each product is the amount of diffused and blocked light.

Series 8830:

  • 30% light transmission
  • 70% blocked light

Series 8860:

  • 60% light transmission
  • 40% blocked light

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