Vehicle/Fleet Applications

Does ORAFOL recommend any of its products for stainless steel tank applications?

Due to the wide variety of stainless steel types and gauges, ORAFOL does not recommend or warranty its products when applied to stainless steel surfaces. For further information please contact ORAFOL product technical support.

I live in a colder region of the United States, and am having problems with my vehicle wraps popping and lifting the day after I’ve finished the installation. What might I be doing wrong?

For best application results, ORACAL® and ORAJET® wrapping films should be applied in a controlled environment when the surface and ambient temperatures are between 65°-75°F. Colder temperatures will result in the material feeling more rigid and the adhesive less tacky. Warmer temperatures will result in the material feeling more aggressive and pliable. Newly applied graphics should remain in the application environment for at least 24 hours to promote uniform adhesion characteristics. During this 24 hour period you should periodically apply multiple cycles of heat and pressure over the potential problematic areas of the wrap. This will allow you to change the material’s flat memory to the new curved memory and allows the graphic to stay put. This should be done anywhere from 3-6 times if not more during this 24 hour period. The worst thing you can do is send the vehicle away with the customer immediately after you have completed the initial installation. A significant change in temperature should always be avoided during the first 24 hours after application is complete, as this may result in the material lifting or popping up in recesses and other complex curved areas.

I have applied a decal using ORAJET® vinyl to my car window. How do I remove this when I am finished with it?

When the decal is no longer desired on your vehicle window, just simply apply heat to the decal using a heat gun. Hold the heat gun 6-9″ away from the decal dispersing the heat evenly over the surface of the decal for about 10-15 seconds. Peel up an edge of the decal and slowly pull back until the graphic is removed. Wipe away any residue left behind with Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean rag.

Is ORACAL® Series 8300 suitable for use on vehicle headlights and taillights?

No, ORAFOL assumes no liability for the possible damage that may be caused upon removal of its Series 8300 material from vehicle headlights and taillights. ORACAL® Series 8300 is designed for permanent, durable, internally illuminated signs and window graphics. ORACAL® 8300 is thermal print compatible and suitable for both wet and dry application. This material also offers impressive cutting and weeding properties.

Will ORACAL® Series 351 polyster chrome vinyl hold up on a vehicle body graphic?

ORACAL® Series 351 and 352 will last up to two years when properly applied and maintained on a vehicle. Since these are metallized films, these films are more typically used for short-term decorative applications.

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