Cleaning & Maintaining Vinyl Graphics

Does ORAFOL produce an anti-graffiti over-laminate? If so, how should the sign be cleaned if it does get vandalized with marker or spray paint?

Yes, ORAFOL manufactures Oraguard® 240 Anti-Graffiti film. This can be used in combination with most Orajet® materials for flat signage applications. Cleaning Steps: 1. Try to remove the contaminants with a citrus-based degreaser and wipe dry with a clean rag. 2. Rinse the surface with a detergent and water mixture and wipe dry with a clean rag. 3. If steps one and two do not work, try wiping the surface with a rag soaked with Naphtha. (Naphtha can be purchased at most paint or home improvement stores.) 4. Immediately rinse the surface with a detergent and water mixture and wipe dry with a clean rag.

Should I apply wax or polish to help protect ORACAL Series 970RA matte colors and Series 975 Premium Structure Cast materials?

ORAFOL does not recommend applying any type of wax or polish to its matte finish or textured wrapping materials. The use of these protective coatings can actually cause an undesired hazy finish on the surface of the material. For more information and helpful advice, please see the Care and Maintenance of Vinyl Vehicle Graphics practical information flyer.

I live in Southern California and have experienced occassions where vehicles I’ve wrapped form a rust-like appearance on the face of the graphic. What causes this condition?

While we can’t say for sure without proper samples and photographs of the actual vehicle, you’re probably seeing the result of “acid rain” or “fallout”, which we believe is caused by industrial pollutants that condense on the films surface in the form of dew when vehicles are left in the elements. Please see the Dealing with Fallout practical information flyer for more information.

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