Wall Graphics with a Message

Vehicle wraps and graphics tend to steal the limelight in the vinyl industry, so it’s nice to focus on some of the other creative applications now and then. Custom vinyl wall graphics is a growing industry. Business and home owners alike are starting to realize the benefits of installing vinyl graphics over custom paint jobs. Fellowship Church in Plano, Texas is a perfect example of this. When faced with a very large empty wall across from their worship center they decided to dress it up with vinyl wall graphics. The church contacted Mike Napurano of NovoWorks, LLC, also in Plano, Texas.

After discussing the project together, Fellowship Church’s art department designed the wall graphics and provided them to NovoWorks print ready. Each graphic was roughly 7.5’ tall by 39’ wide. Because the church wanted the option to remove the graphics later down the road, it was necessary to use a product with removable adhesive. NovoWorks decided on 3169RA. They printed the graphics on a Mutoh VJ-1304 with Mutoh eco-solvent inks. Two days and two rolls of 3169RA later production was finished.

“When the idea from the project came up, I put in a call to our Oracal Rep Sam Featherston just to check on his feelings about using 3169RA for the project. As usual, Sam was great and provided valuable feedback to us. We love Oracal!” – Mike Napurano, NovoWorks, LLC

Next came the hard part; installing the massive graphics. The NovoWorks crew faced the normal challenges when installing graphics this large, including how to properly align all of the individual elements of the design. Mike said they also ran into the issue of only being allowed to do the installation during “down time” at the church. So, to overcome these challenges they simply took their time and took advantage of modern technology; they used a scissor lift instead of traditional ladders to help with the installation process. They took measurements of the graphics and ran masking tape on the wall as reference levels prior to installing. Mike and his team were thankful for the air release technology in 3169RA. He said, “It made installation considerably easier than it could have been!” Working around the church’s schedule, it took a total of two days to complete the installation.

NovoWorks has received a lot of positive feedback from members of Fellowship Church, all of them commenting on how much they love the graphics. Mike has even heard from another local church who is interested in doing something similar, but on a smaller scale. So all-in-all this is one success story for wall graphics, 3169RA, NovoWorks and Fellowship Church alike!

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