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Astifol® Anti-Sticker Film

Product Description

Cleaning of traffic signs which have been vandalized with application of stickers, is every year costing society a great deal. But it is not only costly – stickers applied to traffic signs will make the signs less clearly readable, and may result in dangerous situations in traffic.

With ORALITE® 5097 Astifol® Anti-Sticker Film applied to signage, both euros and efforts can be saved. ORALITE® 5097 Astifol® Anti-Sticker Film is a protective surface laminate, which is applied to the sign surface. With its slightly textured structure, the laminate will enable a simple and residue-free removal of stickers.

Combined with selected ORALITE® reflective films, traffic signs laminated with ORALITE® 5097 Astifol® Anti-Sticker Film remain CE compliant, fulfilling all the requirements of EN 12899-1.

  • Protection of printed and non-printed ORALITE® surfaces against application of stickers
  • Intended for lamination of ORALITE® materials
  • Fluoropolymeric film
  • 250 micron
  • Highly transparent
  • 10 years durability
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent adhesive

Safety datasheet:
ORALITE® 5097REM Graffiti Remover

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