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Adhesive Tape Systems

ORAFLEX® Cushion 11883

Product Description

Firm, one-sided PET carrier foam tape with 500 micron (20 mil) application thickness and differential acrylic adhesives on each side. Enhanced cylinder side adhesion for mounting of thin photopolymer plates up to 1.7 mm (0.067’’) on print cylinders, composite or urethane sleeves in the flexible packaging and pre-print industry (wide web process).

  • Thickness without liner*: approx. 550 micron (22 mil)

  • Liner: embossed PP film, 110 micron, white

  • Adhesive, closed side: Acrylic, low adhesion

  • Carrier: firm PE foam, blue (Orafol Logo) on plate side

  • Adhesive, open side: acrylic, enhanced adhesion

Data sheets and downloads

*) Our safety data sheets / Article information reflect the state of the SVHC list from 19.01.2024.