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Tried and tested in road sign printing and highly versatile: ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer

ORAFOL is one of the leading developers and manufacturers in the field of retroreflective solutions for a comprehensive range of applications. In addition to retroreflective materials, ORAFOL's range of products for producing traffic signs also includes specific printing technologies. The company also provides a seamless and reliable service for road equipment suppliers and manufacturers of standard traffic signs. Now the full-range supplier and printing service provider has introduced the new system ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer, an eco-solvent printer created in cooperation with Roland DG. The printer meets the requirements to produce traffic signs. It is designed to guarantee a long service life for printed products and is characterised by high resource efficiency.

Reliable and sustainable: ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer
In cooperation with the manufacturer Roland DG, ORAFOL is now offering a new, sustainable system for eco-solvent printing: The ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer produces both temporary and permanent signs. These are used in the areas of traffic safety, construction site signage and traffic signs, but also for a variety of other graphic applications. The printing system meets the requirements of permanent and temporary traffic signs, including CE approval if required.

Dr Sylvia Lucht, Executive Vice President of Reflective Solutions at ORAFOL, explains: “For ORAFOL, sustainability always means being able to respond specifically to the wishes and needs of our customers: That is why we are working with strong partners, such as the printer expert Roland DG, to develop technologies that are tailored to the requirements of the industry and offer personal advice and comprehensive technical service.”

The ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer is designed to guarantee a long durability for printed products. At the same time, the system is efficient in its use of resources. It requires minimal maintenance and service. Thus, its operating costs are lower than those of other systems on the market.

Geert Van den hole, Business Development Manager, Roland DG EMEA agrees: “At Roland DG, we are very pleased to have entered into a new partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of reflective materials. By joining forces, we have developed a high-quality printer tailored to ORALITE® materials that ORAFOL can offer to its customers as an all-in-one solution.”

Perfect match: ORALITE® 5017 ECO Solvent Digital Printing Ink
The ORALITE® 5017 ECO Solvent Digital Printing Inks have been developed to deliver optimal results on the ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer. They are designed for ORALITE® reflective films from ORAFOL and meet all the requirements of permanent and temporary road signs. The eco-solvent inks are odourless and guarantee trouble-free operation. They contain highly elastic pigments, which allow a long shelf life and resistance to fading, thus ensuring bright and durable colours.

Excellent service guaranteed
The traffic control expert service from ORAFOL offers expert advice and comprehensive technical support worldwide. As a full-range supplier, ORAFOL wins customers with its all-in-one service approach: from supplying printers and the matching materials and inks to providing reliable technical support – one point of contact for all customer needs.


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Elke Beune

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