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Tremendous fuel saving thanks to ORACAL Window Films

Metrobus line in Istanbul saves 11 liters of fuel daily per bus, thanks to the installed ORACAL Window Films.

In 2015, it was reported that Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Establishments - known as IETT - owned 5.851 busses operating in Istanbul with 726 routes. Due to the fact that solar window films provide a tremendous amount of energy and fuel saving, ORAFOL Turkey, sales branch of ORAFOL Europe GmbH, presented ORACAL Automotive Window Films to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for their public transport operation in 2017.

After several meetings organised with IETT, Istanbul Municipality announced a tender regarding to the interior installation of solar window films over bus glazings which was planned for more than 300 buses in Metrobus Line. In the tender, it was requested to use solar window films, that offer approximately more than 40% of Total Solar Energy Rejected. ORACAL NT Window Film Series were also used by installers to fulfill the tender request. 

With this installation, Istanbul Municipality aimed to provide a more comfortable transportation for passengers as well as to save fuel by lowering the usage of air conditioning.  The municipality indeed reported an extra fuel usage of 5 liters/100km per bus in summer due to the useage of air conditioning.

One year later, ORAFOL Turkey asked the municipality to report about the possible fuel saving in summer and the results are more than satisfying: The fuel consumption data of 100 buses was provided by the municipality, which shows a period of 100 days in summer 2018 comparing to the data of 2017. The fuel consumption in 2018, where the bus glazings were installed with window films, is 2 liters/100km less than 2017, in which window films were not applied. Although every bus had its own different saving amount of fuel (some saved 0,4 liter/100km whereas some achieved more than 4 liters/100km), considering that a metrobus in Istanbul makes 550km per day, average fuel saving went to 11 liters in a summer day.

Now these positive results encourage other municipalities and administrations of different establishments in Turkey regarding to having more buses or buildings installed with solar window films. Also Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality works on a broader tender to have the rest of the busses installed with window films.

For more information, please contact ORAFOL Turkey.