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ProSlide: New wrap films by ORAFOL make wrap installations easier than ever before

Time is money – also within the community of car wrappers. The faster and easier you can achieve your high quality wrapping, the better. With this in mind, ORAFOL has introduced a brand new adhesive technology which makes film repositioning easier than ever before. ProSlide is the name, and it is a name that is here to stay. It is a special slidable adhesive technology, which enables a quicker and easier high performance reliable  installation.

The ProSlide technology has been introduced with two new digitally printable films – ORAJET® 3951RA+ ProSlide and ORAJET® 3981RA+ ProSlide; the latter being a PU based film. Both films are ultra glossy with superb printability and outstanding image quality, and come also with the unique RapidAir® system.  The ProSlide films are definitely Engineered to Perform Better.

More information:

ORAJET® 3951RA+ ProSlide
ORAJET® 3981RA+ ProSlide