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ORAFOL is responding to the successful internationalisation of the group with structural changes in its management

Oranienburg, 1 July 2024 – The technology and plastics specialist ORAFOL is responding to the successful internationalisation of the group with a structural change in its management. Effective from 1 July 2024, the following changes will take place in the management of the globally active family-owned company: Dr. Sylvia Lucht will assume the role of Executive Vice President EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, including India). Randall Mertz will take on the role of Executive Vice President Americas (Canada, USA, South America). Alex R.J. McClelland was already appointed as Executive Vice President Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan) in May.

The internationalisation activities of the ORAFOL Group have traditionally aimed at strengthening the value chain and ensuring the long-term independence of the globally active family-owned company. Changes in the geopolitical landscape and German energy policy continue to pose risks. Consequently, ORAFOL has made the largest investment in technological redundancy of its main production sites in Europe and the USA since its founding, spanning the period from 2022 to 2024. The goal is to further develop the traditional production network to ensure that global market regions are not critically dependent on one another in the future.

Dr. Holger Loclair, Chairman & CEO of the ORAFOL Group, states: “ORAFOL is mitigating risks in its internal group logistics through investments, while also responding to the increasing divergence in the conditions of individual market regions. This particularly affects the complex issues of regulation and energy costs.”

To continue positioning “Made by ORAFOL” successfully worldwide in this environment, the company is simultaneously implementing structural changes in its management and establishing centralised responsibilities for the three market regions: APAC (Asia-Pacific), EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, including India), and The Americas (Canada, USA, South America). Dr. Sylvia Lucht (EMEA), Randall Mertz (The Americas), and Alex R.J. McClelland (APAC) will each be responsible for the strategic development of the seven ORAFOL divisions and the consistent implementation of the company’s diversification strategy in their respective regions.

Dr. Holger Loclair: “Our goal is to be a global leader. To ensure that we continue to succeed as a specialist in technology and plastics in the future, we are developing ORAFOL in the key market regions of EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. Through our investments in production technology and digitalisation, we are creating strong, independent production units that efficiently cooperate when it comes to implementing technological innovations, advancing product development, or developing synergies in customer service. Dr. Sylvia Lucht, Randall Mertz, and Alex R.J. McClelland have each significantly driven ORAFOL's development over many years. Their appointments are a logical step in further structurally developing our international business activities.”


About the person and role: Dr. Sylvia Lucht

Dr. Sylvia Lucht is a proven expert in Sales & Marketing Management and a passionate scientist who has shaped the Reflective Solutions division from its inception. Under her guidance, ORAFOL has become one of the global leaders in the field of reflective materials, printing solutions and provider of services for customers in industry, trade and public administration.
Born in 1969 in Hennigsdorf, Dr. Lucht pursued a degree in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the University of Potsdam, Germany followed by a Ph.D. in Atomic and Molecular Physics from the Institute of Experimental Physics at the same university. She then worked as a research associate at the Institute of Optics at the Technical University of Berlin and the Institute of Physics at the University of Potsdam, Germany.
In 2002, Dr. Lucht joined ORAFOL Europe GmbH in Oranienburg in the Research & Development department, becoming the Director of Research & Development and Quality Assurance in the Reflective Solutions division. From 2012 onwards, she took on the role of leading Global Sales & Marketing in the same business unit. Since September 2021, Dr. Sylvia Lucht has held the position of Executive Vice President Reflective Solutions. Her expertise, dedication, and strategic vision have been instrumental in the success and growth of the division. From 1 July 2024 Dr. Sylvia Lucht also assumes overall responsibility for the EMEA sales region of the ORAFOL Group.

About the person and role: Randall Mertz

Randall Mertz has been contributing to ORAFOL’s growth as the President and CEO of ORAFOL Americas, Inc. since 2011 and the Executive Vice President of ORAFOL International since 2005. Prior to his current role, Randall served as the President of ORAFOL Americas from 2007 to 2011 and as the Vice President of Finance from 2005 to 2007.
In his capacity as President and CEO, Randall Mertz oversees seven manufacturing locations across the United States in Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Georgia, as well as one in Mexico, and a sales office in Oakville, Ontario. Under his leadership, nearly 800 employees contribute to ORAFOL's continued success. As Executive Vice President of ORAFOL International, Mr. Mertz has spearheaded four strategic acquisitions, significantly expanding the company's presence and portfolio.
Mr. Mertz earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Materials Management and Accounting from Florida State University in 1991.
Effective 1 July 2024 Randall Mertz’s role within the ORAFOL Group expands to include Executive Vice President Americas, where he is responsible for the North and South American regions. He maintains his current role within the subsidiary ORAFOL Americas, Inc., furthering his impact on ORAFOL's operations across the Americas.

About the person and role: Alex R.J. McClelland

Mr. Alex R.J. McClelland boasts an impressive career in senior management with experiences in Scotland, Europe, and Australia. He began his career with Kodak UK and Kodak Australasia, where he excelled in sales and marketing management. Subsequently, he then served as Managing Director for Securiseal – Transilwrap. In 2001, Mr. McClelland took on the role of Managing Director and VP Asia Pacific at Spandex Asia Pacific, where he was instrumental in overseeing the company expansion. In 2016, Alex R.J. McClelland became a senior partner at a well-known national business consultancy in Australia. Since 2019, as Managing Director, he has been spearheaded ORAFOL’s development in Australia, leveraging his extensive experience to enhance the company´s growth and brand recognition in the market.
Effective 1 May 2024, Mr. McClelland assumes the role of Executive Vice President Asia Pacific, thereby overseeing the development of ORAFOL in the Asia Pacific economic region. He has primary responsibility for all ORAFOL subsidiaries in Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan.


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