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New Economic Face Shield solution – life saving and necessary

The need for efficient face shields has never been bigger. Face shields are used extensively in the health care sector, but have also proven to be highly effective in other areas currently considered as higher risk areas where social distancing is challenging, such as care workers dealing with the elderly, or any other job function where there is an unavoidable close contact between people (hair dressers, nail salon staff, tattoo studios, chiropractors etc). The great benefit of a face shield is that it is easy to put on, does not require any special skills to assemble, and it does not impact talking or impede facial nonverbal communication for the wearer.

ORAFOL has designed and launched a new face shield solution, which is both extremely economical and with wearer features that will make it a clear favourite. Weighing only 22 grams, it is so light you will hardly notice you are wearing it. It is easy to assemble, and adjustable to all head sizes. It comes with excellent anti-fogging properties, and can be easily worn concurrent to other face/eye PPE such as glasses. The face shields are fully approved to regulation EN 166.

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