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Refining plastics - is invaluable when it comes to achieving a sustainable future and protecting the environment over the long term. The prerequisites are: effective use and recycling of resources, energy-efficient production and a focus on long-lasting application solutions. For this reason ORAFOL continuously invests in the efficiency of production systems and processes. Furthermore the company provides innovative durable products with excellent functionality.

Excellence in Future Industries

Products from ORAFOL enable new design and function, more efficient production, or replacement of conventional materials in the manufacture of future products – from electric vehicles to passive houses.

Climate protection measures

ORAFOL implements an integrated management system that meets all requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 – at its headquarters in Oranienburg and, following these systems, also in the USA. Each year, an independent certification body carries out audits and provides evidence that our company not only meets the requirements of the underlying standards, but also sets own standards in all areas. This includes our products and our manufacturing and business processes.

  • ISO 9001 quality management certification since 2011
  • Company-wide process management with key figures and quality targets
  • Integration of our suppliers into the internal company quality standards
  • Continuous development of quality-relevant processes
  • Continuous improvement of quality awareness through regular audits
  • Environmental management system

Energy-efficient production

ORAFOL strives towards an energy-efficient use of raw materials and energy resources in closed cycles. Therefore, the company continuously invests in environmental technologies. Consequently, the use of regenerative incineration plants at the headquarters leads to a significant reduction of harmful emissions. Energy efficiency in Oranienburg continues to be maximised by recycling usable heat back into the production process as well as into the building heating system. 

Sustainable planning and building

The concept of sustainability finds reflection in planning and design of the company's sites. At the headquarters in Oranienburg and worldwide, ORAFOL invests in ecological construction measures that create ecological compensation and provide an environment for animals and plants. These are, for example, small ponds, tree plantings or similar green spaces on the production sites.

More about ORAFOL

Best Managed Companies

We are awarded: Deloitte and other well-known institutions have us named "Best Managed Company". ORAFOL meets the strict criteria of the program in the areas - Strategy, Culture & Commitment, Productivity & Innovation, Governance & Finance.