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Company Profile


Finishing of Plastics

ORAFOL is the worldwide leader in the processing of innovative plastic solutions. The core competence of the company is to develop and enhance functional materials based on plastics.
With its high-quality products – advanced polymer films, self-adhesive graphic products, retroreflective films for special applications, and adhesive tape systems – as well as comprehensive service ORAFOL creates added value for customers worldwide and contributes to technological progress.

Innovation and Quality

Innovative application solutions from ORAFOL appear in many areas of modern life. Products of the group enable new design and function, more efficient production, or a sustainable replacement of conventional materials in the manufacture of future products. Combining function and quality provides the core of new developments – both in the products as well as in the manufacturing processes and in the plant technologies of the company.

Worldwide active Family Business

ORAFOL is represented by subsidiaries and production facilities in all the major markets and on all the continents. The corporate headquarters of the group is in Oranienburg, Germany. ORAFOL employs more than 2.500 people worldwide.