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ORALITE 9910® Brilliant Grade Premium - Retroreflective Film

The ORAFOL Group has earned its worldwide reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality German-engineered reflective materials, through its dedication to ingenuity, quality, and service. At the core of ORAFOL’s excellence, is the dedicated reflective solutions team, who are committed to focusing on the customer’s needs with a stringent dedication to continuous improvement and process control.

ORAFOL take pride that they are at the forefront of technological innovations with the engineering advancements and state of the art manufacturing processes they continue to invest in. All the latest facilities, technology, and research & development ensure the status as a market leader.

When it comes to offering reflective, ORAFOL understands its responsibility to manufacture products that exceed expected performance during applications, while still offering compliant innovative reflective solutions to the traffic industry. In the introduction of ORALITE® 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium, ORAFOL can now offer a complete range of reflective materials for the Australian and New Zealand traffic industry.

ORALITE® 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium has been specifically designed and developed to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1906.1:2017 Class 1100. ORAFOL can now offer solutions for all types of permanent traffic signs including large highway and gantry signs. It also is part of our recognised and approved matched systems, with all the Australian state authorities.

ORALITE® 9910 Brilliant Grade Premium has already been the reflective material of choice for large projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. This reflective material has been developed to be the highest performance reflective material on the market and is primed to be essential to some of the largest traffic projects within Australian and New Zealand traffic industries for years to come.

ORAFOL understands that the quality of the materials could make all the difference in high-risk environments. The reflective material range which we supply to the traffic sector globally, is an integral part of our business, with a dedication grounded by our knowledge that the quality of our products helps save lives.

Engineered to Save Lives™