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ORACAL® 970RA Premium Cast

ORACAL® Premium Cast 970RA: Car wrapping film engineered with the professional installer in mind

With a reputation for product performance, consistency, and manufacturing excellence, we have established ourselves as a leading global brand, manufacturing and supplying a complete range of self-adhesive products and specialty films for branding, decorative, paint protection, colour change, bonding, safety, and conspicuity applications for the Graphics Industry. Over many years and investment in the latest manufacturing technology and finishing capability in Germany and the US, we have developed a suite of high performing product brands and adhesive technology designed to meet the performance, conversion, application and durability requirements of the professional sign maker, printer, and Installer.

In the rapidly growing Vehicle Wrap, and colour change markets ORACAL® Premium Cast 970RA stands out from the rest, designed and engineered with the professional vehicle wrap installer in mind. Featuring 98 luxurious colours in high gloss, matte, and super matte black, ORACAL® 970RA Premium Cast is a multilayered cast vinyl film, constructed like paint, with 110-micron film thickness, 70 micron cast vinyl (pigment) then a 40-micron clear (clear coat) with built in self-healing properties. It offers unrivalled long-term durability, performance, and a flawless OEM paint like finish.

ORACAL® 970RA Premium Cast offers easy installation through its RapidAir® technology which allows air to move effortlessly out on application. However, unlike some other leading brands, ORACAL® 970RA Premium Cast shows no visible air-egress pattern or disruption to the film surface once installed, ensuring the finish your customer deserves is smooth, flawless, and looking like an OEM paint, striking the perfect balance between ease of application and the perfect finish.

Performance with the professional installer in mind
ORACAL® 970RA Premium Cast has been developed with some unique features versus other brands in this space such as higher film density enabling superior colour retention when stretched into deep recesses with little or no distortion. 

With the higher film density it can also tolerate higher temperatures offering unrivalled performance in the harshest of environments whether a fully wrapped 4x4 in the Australian desert, or the latest model Ferrari cruising the city streets of Melbourne. This innovation also enables the film to accept higher heat during installation so that it can effectively relax, conform, repair and post heat the film with higher temperatures upwards of 120 degrees. This means that you can post heat immediately after the install, setting the film memory at that level and significantly reducing any likelihood of lifting out of tight corners, door jams, deep recesses, and other critical finishing areas. 

ORACAL® 970RA Premium Cast also offers a unique non-Directional feature across all metallic colours and shift effects - any palette, in any direction from panel to panel, the colour will appear seamless and importantly offer better yield, saving the professional installer time in application, material costs and delivering that flawless finish and result your customer expects.

Install with confidence
Our ORAFOL OCS Warranty provides a market leading warranty across all our car wrap, fleet graphics and paint protection film products for both vertical and horizontal applications, giving you the confidence and support you need. We are set to grow and support the professional Installer, Fleet Specialists, Sign maker and Digital printer with warehouses and conversion in every State and a large, dedicated team of sales, technical and customer service professionals. The company’s new head office in Sydney will also offer a dedicated training facility which will allow you to expand your skills and knowledge. Stay tuned for more about this shortly. We are your one-source supply for performance and reliability, is set to continue bringing leading solutions, service, and performance to the Australian graphics market, true to its slogan “Engineered to Achieve Perfection”.

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