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Adhesive Tape Systems, now in Australia!

ORAFOL® is the worldwide leader in the processing of innovative plastic solutions. The core competence of the company is to develop and enhance functional materials based on plastics.

With its high-quality products – advanced polymer films, self-adhesive graphic products, retroreflective films for special applications, and adhesive tape systems – as well as comprehensive service ORAFOL creates added value for customers worldwide and contributes to technological progress.

With the Graphic Innovations and Reflective Solutions business’s well established in Australia, 2021 has now seen ORAFOL Australia include a new businesses division into its portfolio, to further offer a total solution for the Australian & New Zealand marketplace, now and for the future.

Introducing ORAFOL Adhesive Tapes Systems, which incorporates the ORAFOL Brand names ORABOND®, ORAFIX® and ORAFLEX®.

Heading the division as the Sales and Marketing Director-Adhesive Tape Systems, Nick Gullo joined the ORAFOL business in early 2021, bringing to the business over 15 years of industry experience having worked with other global adhesive tape manufacturers for many years, and gaining a wealth of experience in the industrial tape sector, as well as the print, paper, and corrugated manufacturing markets.

“The opportunity to be a part of an exciting and innovating global business was one of the driving forces in my decision to join the ORAFOL team. It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of an exciting business and a dynamic team both locally and globally”.

Engineered to Perform Better™ ORAFOL Europe GmbH offers a truly comprehensive range of technical adhesive tapes including transfer tapes, Ultra High Bond tapes, double sided tapes, foam tapes and splicing tapes. ORAFOL's adhesive tape systems are available in a wide selection of constructions with different types of high-performance adhesives. They guarantee excellent functionality and adhesion on a large variety of surfaces and thus meet the most diverse customer requirements.

“I am really excited at the fantastic range of quality products offered out of our German Head Office. Consistency is crucial for specialty tapes, and I can see firsthand from my experience so far with the organisation, that quality and consistency are at the forefront of ORAFOL’S mind”.

Offering a range of specialised Industrial Tapes, reach out now to get further information from one of our customer service representatives, for all your bonding and mounting requirements.

Nick Gullo

Sales & Marketing Director-Adhesive Tape Systems

ORAFOL Australia