ORAFOL revolutionizes its UV digital printing system for the production of traffic control and guidance signs

31 May 2013

ORAFOL launches an optimised system for the digital production of traffic control and guidance signs.

This system consists of the ORALITE® UV traffic sign printer based on the AGFA UV printer Anapurna M 2050 and of the CE certified ORALITE® 5019 UV digital printing inks, which were developed in cooperation with SunJet, a Division of Sun Chemical.

The entire product range of ORALITE® retro-reflective films both for temporary and permanent applications can be printed by the ORALITE® UV digital printing system.

The films designed for making permanent traffic signs (ORALITE® 5510 Engineer Grade, ORALITE® 5710 Engineer Grade Premium, ORALITE® 5810 High Intensity Grade, ORALITE® 5910 High Intensity Prismatic Grade) are CE certified. The film system ORALITE® 6910 Brilliant Grade is currently undergoing CE certification.

Compared with the current solutions for the production of traffic control and guidance signs available in the market the optimised ORAFOL UV digital printing system is characterised by the following features:

  • proven and reliable print head technology made by the market leader Konika Minolta
  • six print heads 12 pl for printing the basic traffic colours
  • additionally two print heads 42 pl for special applications (e.g. clear coat for temporary traffic signs without additional transparent film laminations, white, opaque, etc.)
  • optional colour mixes also for graphic applications are possible (e.g. dark green, grey)
  • space-saving, stable and reliable hybrid solution for the processing of plates up to 4.5 cm thickness as well as of materials in rolls (roll-to-roll)
  • printing speed comparable to existing systems in the market while offering a higher resolution, more detailed drawings and highest production safety.


A comprehensive, worldwide service system ensures the performance and efficiency of the ORALITE® UV digital printing system for the manufacture of traffic and control signs on the basis of ORALITE® retro-reflective films.

For more technical information on the ORALITE® digital printing system and an overview of ORALITE® products for the production of traffic signs and traffic control equipment, see this website under "Reflective Solutions". 

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