Continued Expansion of the ORAFOL site in Oranienburg, Germany

10 Oct 2016

The ORAFOL production site in Oranienburg, Germany currently reflects a central objective of the company policy; continued investments in order to secure the strategic performance of the company. Of particular importance is the construction of a new corporate headquarters with the primary goal to create the best possible working conditions for the increasing number of employees and to meet the growing requirements of the market along with ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, a new communication centre of the highest level is being created for the ORAFOL Corporation.

Recognizing that customer satisfaction is directly connected to delivery and lead-times, ORAFOL has begun the optimisation of in-house logistics by building a new more than 5000 square meter distribution centre for raw materials. Additional investment objectives will begin in spring 2017 by systematically adding to the existing coating capacities, particularly for solvent-based media.

HQ expansions

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