ORAFOL Europe GmbH, Corporate Headquarters

ORAFOL Europe GmbH

ORAFOL Europe GmbH is the global headquarters of the ORAFOL Group.

Since 1996 ORAFOL Europe GmbH has been located in Oranienburg just outside of Berlin in the heart of Europe. The company premises covers an area of 165,000 m², where all steps in the manufacturing process takes place; from R&D to all production steps, through to packaging and shipment of goods.

The company is today the largest employer in the Oranienburg region.

ORAFOL has over the years made continuous investment in product development and production technology, and today offers a broad range of adhesive films that meets and exceed the industry’s highest quality standards. ORAFOL Europe GmbH is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001, and all production takes place on the most advanced and reliable production equipment available in the industry today.