Russia: Diza – ORAFOL Premier Converter for Russia

22 Apr 2014

In 2009 Diza was one of the first companies to introduce ORAFOL’s extensive range of adhesive tapes into the Russian market. With their local market knowledge and expertise, they have over the years created a large and stable platform for the specialised tapes from ORAFOL. Today, new products are being developed for this exciting market and demand is rapidly increasing. Diza has therefore now been awarded the status of ORAFOL Premier Converter of Adhesive Tapes for Russia.

Diza’s history dates back 22 years, and with a team today of more than 50 people and a top modern facility in Moscow which includes both converting and warehousing, Diza is now Russia’s largest converter of adhesive tapes for industry. The company’s many years of experience allows them to solve even the most difficult tasks for the selection, implementation and optimisation of technological processes for many industries, with the use of adhesive tapes supplied by ORAFOL.

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Mr. George Haig, Business Development Manager, ORAFOL Europe GmbH, Adhesive Tapes Division
Mr. Dmitry Gunkin, Owner and Director, Diza

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