New: Quick Splice

31 Mar 2015

ORAFIX® 1250QS (Quick Splice) is the new innovation in high performance splicing tapes by ORAFOL, offering very high splice efficiency and performance in paper production and printing.

ORAFIX® 1250QS is available in widths designed for both wide width paper coating machines, and for newspaper and magazine printing on both cold set and heat set processes.

The innovative design of ORAFIX® 1250QS offers “Quick Splice” preparation combined with secure roll closure during high speed splicing operations, thus avoiding problems such as pre-opening of the splice and air traps in the rolls.

  • Easy to use, with reduced risk of any splice failures
  • Quick splice preparation
  • No need for speed reduction
  • No risk of air pockets caused by acceleration
  • Eliminates the need for splicing taps
  • Available roll sizes: 38 mm x 50 m, 50 mm x 50 m, 65 mm x 50 m

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