New ORAFOL TM branded liner introduced for the best-selling ORAFOL Adhesive Tapes

30 Nov 2012

As part of our strategy of increasing the market visibility of ORAFOL’s high performance Adhesive Tapes and supporting our ORAFOL distributor partners, ORAFOL has now introduced a select range of ORAFOL industrial tapes which are now available with an ORAFOL TM branded liner. This new presentation for the high quality range of best-selling ORAFOL Adhesive Tapes brings a new level of partnership with our distributors and increases the focus on ORABOND® and ORAMOUNT® products in the industrial tapes market. Working with our distributors, ORAFOL is making it clearly visible that the product is supplied by one of the world’s leading experts in high quality industrial tapes.

The ORAFOL TM branded liner is available for the following ORABOND® branded tapes: ORABOND® 1349TM, ORABOND® 1359TM, ORABOND® 1392TM, ORABOND® 1397TM, ORABOND® 1399TM, ORABOND® 1396TM, and ORABOND® 1395TM.

Also for the ORAMOUNT® foam tapes we have made available ORAMOUNT® 1812TM.

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