Fingerlift Spools from ORAFOL

20 Feb 2012

With the installation of new production facilities, ORAFOL is pleased to announce the availability of new capability in spooled adhesive tapes and fingerlift tapes.  

With this new investment, ORAFOL can produce our technical adhesive tapes in spools from 4mm to 30mm width and in very long lengths, dependent upon product and width. This will offer our customers the ability to have material for use in automated processes where the full spool lengths are preferred.

Also ORAFOL can now supply these long length spooled products with extended liner (fingerlift) presentations, which are popular for use in applications where easy liner removal is required.

The standard product range which is being offered features products from all the ORAFOL Adhesive tapes such as ORABOND® 1397PP, 1194, 1392 which are popular in plastic extrusion and profile markets. Also ORABOND® 1348, 1331, 1331PP are very good for applications in print finishing, mailing systems and bag production. The ORAMOUNT® 1811, 1812LT, 1813K3, , 1810, and 1821K3 are used in plastic extrusion and solar panel production areas where the longer spools of foam provide production automations and efficiencies not possible with the standard 50m rolls.

The standard extended liner widths are 6mm/9mm; 9mm/12mm; 12mm/15mm; 19mm/25mm; 23mm/25mm; where the first width is the tape and the second is the liner. Other widths are also possible for larger projects.

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