ORAFOL Adhesive Tapes Division

ORAFOL Europe GmbH is a global company whose manufacturing, distribution and worldwide executive headquarters are all located in Oranienburg, Germany. We are Europe's largest producer of graphics and tapes with sales in more than 100 countries, mainly through distributors focused on adhesives and coatings technologies.

We offer a comprehensive range of the highest quality adhesive tape systems for all industrial applications. Slitting machines ensure precise trimming, even to the smallest widths. Tape systems are available for any requirement and for a wide variety of industrial applications. The range of industrial adhesive tape systems is supplemented by splice tapes with high quality silicone adhesives and repulpable splice tapes with water-soluble polyacrylate adhesives. Products can be supplied in logs, slit rolls, and cross-wound spools for technical applications according to customer requirements.

We also partner with our customers to develop customized adhesive solutions to meet their unique needs, and our expertise spans many industries, including automotive, white goods, electronics, furniture, paper and solar energy.

Our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, R&D processes and team of experts enable us to provide the market with the most advanced adhesives technologies at the highest quality.

ORAFOL products truly are Engineered to Perform Better™.