It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Beetle!

Super Beetle

"ORACAL Azure Matte Blue vinyl wrap is one of the best metallic films I’ve seen."

You may have heard about VWvortex’s latest project car; the Super Beetle. The project was led by Jamie Vondruska and according to his official project blog, “It started innocently enough over drinks with the head of Product Planning at Volkswagen of America, Rainer Michael and the Chief Product and Marketing Officer Tim Mahoney (both car guys by the way) asking me what we’d do with a Beetle if we had our way. So I told them we would give it 500hp and we’d take the Golf R all-wheel-drive system and transplant it into the Beetle. They of course laughed and said, “You can always dream.” To which I told them no, it isn’t a dream, we could actually do that… Now to put my money where my mouth was.”

So how do you go about creating the ultimate Beetle? After asking himself that very question, this is what Jamie came up with:

1. Give me lots of power. A Stage IV upgrade to the 2.0T would get us 500hp while keeping the weight over the front end reasonable.
2. If we’re going to get that power to the ground, we’re going to need AWD from the Golf R.
3. We’re going to need some BIG brakes to scrub that power off.
4. We need suspension upgrades to not only get the ride height right, but to dial in corner weights and balance.
5. Wheels. Something motorsport inspired but new and different.
6. Seats will need some upgrades to keep us firmly in place while hooning this thing.
7. Some exterior upgrades – there isn’t much available yet, but there are a few pieces we might be able to work into this to give us a new look.
8. Since it is a Beetle, we need a unique color that invokes a bit of history and speed.

Several different sponsors came together to help create the Super Beetle. APR took care of the horsepower, the Golf R AWD transplant and the Volkswagen Racing big brake kit. According to Stephen at APR all of this would be “No problem”. H&R Springs was called for the suspension. Not only were they interested in being part of the project, but Roland at H&R offered up space in their booth at SEMA if the car could be done in time. This gave Jamie and everyone involved less than a month to turn an ordinary Beetle into the Super Beetle.

Now obviously ORACAL doesn’t come in until step eight of Jamie’s super plan. So we are going to jump past all the nitty-gritty of swapping engine pieces, adding suspension and finding “inspired” wheels. Let’s skip right on ahead to step seven, exterior upgrades. Any Beetle enthusiast would notice the Super Beetle’s body looks a little different from your standard 2012 VW Beetle. The difference is in the bumpers. VWvortex was offered a complete front and rear bumper replacement from their friends at fifteen52 made by Japanese company Alpil Newing. Jamie wrote, “The Alpil pieces have a Porsche-esque design to them and would fit well with our performance theme. So fifteen52 rushed out one of the only sets in the U.S.”

Now comes the moment we had been waiting for; time to pick a color. The folks at VWvortex have “always been a fan of Volkswagen’s Rising Blue which is a signature color on the Golf R and Volkswagen’s own Scirocco race cars.” It turns out our 197M matte azure blue metallic is almost a perfect match to Volkswagen’s Rising Blue, and the fact that it has a matte finish just sweetened the deal. With just a day and a half before the car was scheduled to ship off to Las Vegas for the SEMA show, the installers got to work wrapping the nearly completed Super Beetle with ORACAL 970RA.

Jamie didn’t actually get to see the completed Super Beetle until it was in Las Vegas for SEMA. This is what he had to say after finally seeing the car in person; “The first thing that grabs you is the color. It looks great and in the sunlight it is amazing. This ORACAL Azure Matte Blue vinyl wrap is one of the best metallic films I’ve seen. There is some satin shine to it so it isn’t completely matte and the metallic gives off different hues of blue depending on how the light hits it.” Aw jeez, now you’re making us blush.

Despite the fact that there were still a few modifications to be made after SEMA, everyone’s hard work had already paid off. The Super Beetle won the Gran Turismo Best European Import Award SEMA 2012! What an accomplishment for Jamie, and everyone involved. The project is just getting started, and Jamie says he couldn’t be happier.

To see the full project details please read the Super Beetle Project blog.

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