Corner Cube Retro-Reflectors

Corner cube retro-reflectors are very small, efficient prism corner reflectors that send back the light in nearly the same direction it came from.

1Part Number1
1 Cube Size 'A' 1
1Clear Aperture1
OT 853
diameter 225,5
OT 867
triangle 284,5

tl_files/EnergyEurope/images/Foto1/Produkte/Retro_Cube Size.jpg

  • All dimensions in mm.
  • Focal lengths listed apply to 546nm in PMMA (max. tolerance ± 5%).
  • The outside size may be up to 5 - 20mm beyond the clear aperture.
  • The standard thickness is 1.8mm ± 0.3.
  • Other dimensions or special trimmings can be realised upon request.
  • Special designs possible on request.