ORAFOL Education Series

Thank you for your interest in the ORAFOL Education Series. Our goal for the education series is to produce highly trained, professional vehicle wrap experts who are proficient in both practical information and application of ORAFOL brand wrap products.

Click on the course logos below to learn more about indiviual courses and certificaiton.

Beginner that wants to learn the basics of selling/promoting vehicle wraps, material composition and wrap application. Primarily focused on commercial wraps.

2-Day Course, no prerequisite required.

Experienced installer looking for the finer points of buiness developmeent as well as more technically advanced vehicle wrap training focused on proper graphic alignment, door handles, side mirrors, and bumpers as well as increased material training.

Immediately following the Advanced Wrapping Academy course the Vehicle Wrap Certification test is conducted.

2-Day Course combined with Vehicle Wrap Certification.
Applicants must meet eligibility requirements.