Global warming and climate change as well as the finite nature of the earth’s fossil fuel supply are just two reasons why the need and search for alternative and renewable energy sources has taken center stage in the realms of science, politics and economics worldwide.

We provide optical elements and components employed in High-Concentrating PV (HCPV), Low Concentrating PV (LCPV) and Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) applications. In close collaboration with our global partners we custom design and manufacture concentrating lenses and lens systems that meet specific system requirements.

Made from acrylic or as Silicone-on-Glass (SOG), we provide circular and linear concentrating single lenses and lens arrays of different thicknesses and in dimensions that can exceed one square meter. Both the parquet configuration as well as special features such as mechanical support points or fiducials for alignment purposes can be custom made to your needs. Our customers can draw upon our expertise and capabilities from design to volume production, including intermediate steps such as optical performance verification through rapid mastering and prototype lens parquet building for system validation and IEC 62108 testing purposes.