Light does not just have an impact on our daily life but defines it to a large degree. It is indispensable for our health, activities and comfort. Thus an adequate and convenient lighting of our ambience plays an important role for all of us.

A significant growth of energy awareness in recent years has pushed the development of new technologies on the lighting market. As a result LED and increasingly OLED applications have enormously gained in importance. Both require highly engineered optics which we provide to our customers. We offer our partners to make use of our capabilities from optical design to volume manufacture of optical components specifically made to meet your system requirements.
To distribute and direct the light in the way desired – what we call the Management of Light® - , we have a wide range of micro- and nanostructured optics available. Among other options any component can be custom finished with a view to size and shape, metalized to function as a reflector or mounted onto different substrate materials.