Visualizing data and information plays an ever growing role in modern society. The development of new display technologies proceeds with increasing speed and more and more products will be equipped with displays in the future. Where man and machine meet – at the human-machine interfaces – displays are of outstanding importance. Their quality in turn is crucially dependent on the optics and light guides employed.

For LCDs the backlight determines not only the illuminance, the homogeneity and color depth of the display, but its light output also affects energy consumption.

Depending on the application we develop and manufacture light guides in the most different designs. Wedge-shaped components are just as available as flat plate versions. To optimize performance we offer our customers to calculate special patterns for homogeneous light distribution to be applied onto the light guide in a screen printing process. Beyond this we provide optical films to increase the light output and offer the assembly of complete backlight modules under clean-room conditions.

Further to this we provide products for the growing consumer and specialized 3D market. Here we design and manufacture customized lenticulars in different shapes and dimensions which can be made from acrylic or as polymer on glass.