ORAFLEX® Cushion Tapes: Now available in HP+ upgrade version

03 Jun 2016

The ORAFLEX® Cushion Tapes are now also available with an extra High Performance adhesive – HP+. The acrylic HP+ adhesive has been designed with greater adhesion levels to avoid lifting when mounting of stiff or thick photopolymer plates and for small diameter sleeves or printing cylinders.

With the ORAFLEX® Cushion Tapes, consistent high quality is ensured for your entire print run. The tapes are available in two different thicknesses and three levels of hardness, and designed to give good tolerance on pressure settings so that the optimal impression can be set very quickly. With the ORAFLEX® Cushion Tapes, the plate is effectively protected from distortion factors, providing a great print result. Also issues such as bouncing stripes caused by press vibration at high speeds are avoided.

Oraflex Cushion Tapes - now as HP+

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